Thank you for considering support of the Yoruba Foundation. We are a non-profit charity that relies on a number of funding sources for our programs and activities. ​ Without the arts and humanities, where would we look to share our history, art and culture with the rest of the world?

Our mission is to raise awareness though our activities that education in the arts as a form of education is a valuable contribution to society. Whether this is a school, where a child can freely experiment ways to express their creativity, or in society at large where people can come together to learn about the arts, to learn how to share their ideas and visions, to be inspired and work hard to develop themselves in their chosen craft, the Arts plays an important role in community cohesion and development. ​

You can support the Yoruba Foundation in different ways.


Donations to the Yoruba Foundation however small, will allow us to widen our ability to work in art forms which don’t really receive support and to continue to provide and develop our annual community engagement programs such as the Yoruba Arts Festival and the Yoruba Exhibition.


The support we have received from volunteers in the past few years has been invaluable, as we would ordinarily not have been able to afford paying for their time, skills, knowledge and experience, this in turn has played a great contribution towards our development. Our volunteers form part of our progressive team, who are as enthusiastic about education and promotion of the Arts as we are. Volunteering with us is open to Arts and cultural enthusiasts irrespective of race, beliefs or gender.