The Yoruba foundation is a UK registered non-profit charity founded in 2010, to promote Yoruba Arts and culture through creative visual, performance and aesthetic art mediums that provide a platform for social, cultural and educational advancement in the Arts.

Our Charitable objects: To advance education in and promote public appreciation of Yoruba Arts, Culture and Heritage for the benefit of the public.


  1. To celebrate Yoruba Arts and Culture, through creative visual, aesthetic and performance art mediums.
  2. To improve the appreciation of Yoruba arts and Culture in people of all ages, races and circumstance through our annual community programs such as the Yoruba Festival and Yoruba Arts Exhibition.
  3. To encourage collaboration with artists, performers, musicians, filmmakers and social innovators.
  4. To provide a social, cultural and educational platform for community cohesion and development through Arts and Culture.


The Yoruba Foundation is managed by the Chair/Founder and the Board of Trustees who comprise executive members and non-executive members. The board leads a team of skilled professionals in the Arts and Entertainment industry, who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in managing and developing the charity.

The Foundation is also assisted by supporters and volunteers who provide administrative and social support for the charity’s annual community programs.